We are an organic seed farm nestled in the Lassen foothills of northern California. Our varieties are open pollinated meaning you too can save seeds from them. We grow cultivars with diverse climate regions in mind; from the coast to the valley and mountains we have seeds that will thrive in your garden.
  • 100% Certified Organic Seeds grown on family farms in northern California
  • Open Pollinated, Non-hybrid, Heirloom, No GMO
  • All seeds planted, harvested, cleaned and packed by hand.

Farm News: Updated 10/1/17 Fall has officially arrived and we are cheering. I do love summer but the cooler days are very welcome. We took the kids down to our creek today and they actually did not want to swim. A sure sign that the weather is changing!

This is our busy time to harvest and clean all of the seed we've been growing for the past 5 months. Each day a little more comes in from the fields and we are keenly aware that soon the rains will come. So we are threshing, winnowing and fermenting seed while the sun shines. Among these jobs we also managed to get our winter garden in last week with lots of winter greens and roots. And as always, some seed crops in there too:)

- Kalan, Cam, Maisie and babyThor Redwood

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